What Momma Did – Christianized

My momma married a Jewish man who had accepted Jesus as the promised Messiah. And he passed on to me, their oldest son, a love for the Jewish culture. And we as a family celebrated that culture, albeit irregularly. When my mom had time, she cooked part of the Passover Seder. We’d play dreidel and have latkes and applesauce maybe once during the eight days of Chanukah. We’d acknowledge Rash Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Purim. When I turned thirteen I had a bar mitzvah.

But while we were celebrating our roots, Momma tended to the tree. Momma “Christianized” what I wanted to be purely Jewish celebrations. She made Chanukah only part of Advent. Passover led to Easter. My bar mitzvah coincided with my Confirmation.

Momma was enacting what she and Poppa forgot to vocalize. That there was a New Testament which followed the Old, and there was an Old Testament that preceded the New. And now I know that this is the only Christianity and only Judaism I know.


I wrote this as part of Lisa-Jo Baker‘s Five Minute Friday. Also see what my friend wrote.


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