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September 2, 2013

My Mind has a Hole

I am sitting in a Starbucks about twenty minutes from my home. When I left home, I wasn’t hungry. After a long morning at church, I had much to think upon and write about; my mind  churned as my tires turned. And then, half way to Starbucks, the pangs of hunger laid their hands upon my stomach; why had they not appeared before I left home? Before I left the residence of food I had already paid for?

The need to be satiated drove me to make a pit stop before Starbucks. But my mind continued to churn over the morning’s significance as my teeth gnoshed on green noodles. When I arrived at Starbucks, I stood patiently as the busy baristas prepared my simple coffee, and waited for my computer to turn on and connect and load. But then I found my churning mind had leaked everything I had pondered; there was residue caked to the walls, but the meat I had previously gnawed upon, tasted and moved about my mouth with my tongue, was gone. Like the keys that slipped through the hole in your pocket; like the wallet nested in yesterday’s pocket when you find yourself at the restaurant.